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Alleviate Back Pain with Manual Adjustments

Alleviate Back Pain with Manual Adjustments in Boston

At Chiropractic and Sports Services of Boston, we deliver relief from neck pain, back pain and joint pain using various chiropractic techniques including manual adjustments. During a manual adjustment, Dr. McLean uses her hands to deliver a thrust to restore motion to your vertebrae and joints. This gentle technique is part of a traditional chiropractic approach which is effective to alleviate neck pain, back pain, joint stiffness, and results in increased mobility.

Doctor talking about spinal compression with her patient.

Benefits of Manual Adjustments in Boston

Dr. McLean uses manual adjustments to deliver the appropriate amount of force against your vertebrae or joints. This ensures a smooth adjustment that positions your spine into a natural, healthy alignment. During your adjustments, you lie on a table that helps to set the manipulations. You may feel a gentle movement or hear a popping sound, but these adjustments do not create more pain. Instead, the adjustment is effective at bringing immediate and lasting relief to back and neck pain. You also feel a restoration in your mobility when your spine and joints are aligned properly.

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Our Boston chiropractor looks forward to sharing the benefits of chiropractic care with you and your family. You may find overall health improvements when your spine is aligned. You will also feel increased energy, less pain, reduced joint restriction, and a faster recovery from an auto accident or sports-related injuries. Our health team evaluates your progress and we adjust your chiropractic plan accordingly so you always receive the proper benefits. To begin your chiropractic care, please contact us today at 617-268-0333.

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